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Why is a consultation required prior to booking an appointment?

As a trained fine artist, I believe ever piece of art I design on my clients, be it on their hair or a wig, should be one of a kind. From my experience in other salons I came to realize a great deal of the stylist are using the same couple foil patterns and repeating color formulations. You deserve better than that!

Consultations give me the ability to talk to you one-on-one to get the best understanding of your hair goals. It also allows me to analyze your facial features and hair type to ensure the art I'm creating best suits you!

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How can I commission custom designed wigs?

Simply head over to the Contact page. Put in a request with what you are looking for in your design. If you don't know we will work together to come up with a custom piece especially for you. I will create rough drafts for your creation so you can visualize your design and ensure we are on the same page.

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Clementine's Unordinary Salon doesn't use heat with chemical services. Why is that important?

Using heat is a cooperate salons way to push you in and out of the chair as fast as possible. That way they can bring in more people and rush you through your services. These chemicals are not formulated to use heat with. In fact it can be severely harmful to the condition of your hair and scalp! 


You are not a number in my day. You deserve to have my full attention to detail. You should be leaving thrilled you got a dramatic transformation not scared from a traumatic one!

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How does pricing work?

Pricing at Clementine's Unordinary Salon is hourly based priced. This means you are be charged correctly for your hair type and texture. If you have short fine hair you should not be paying the same price as someone with long thick hair like service based pricing does. It also breaks away from unfair gender based pricing systems. I put just as much detail into every work of art I create. It is not okay to charge someone more just because they are labeled a girl. I believe in equality!

Hourly based pricing is an all-inclusive system. It will cover the cost of all steps, materials, and products used as well as my TRUE rate. (That’s right I don’t accept gratuity).

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What is parking like?

There is a parking lot out front of the building that has free parking.

It also has EV charging stations.

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