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About Me

Hey there! My name is Clementine Colors. I’m the founder and owner of Clementine’s Unordinary Salon. I am a professionally trained artist with extensive training in color theory, drawing, painting, sculpture, as well as many other forms of design. I have attended classes at Savannah College of Art and Design. I won a fully paid scholarship to the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute and most recently was named a winner of Beacon Class of 2021.


I want to inspire you to become the most creative version of yourself.


Clementine’s Unordinary Salon is a safe space for people of all kinds.


I use hourly-based pricing to break away from industry-standard gender and service-based pricing. Hourly-based pricing is to provide the guest with an all-inclusive pricing system to ditch the confusion with service names and treat everyone equally. All-inclusive services will cover the cost of all steps, materials, and products used as well as my TRUE rate. (That’s right I don’t accept gratuity). Services in typical salons can limit what your stylist is doing to achieve your goal. I want to make a difference and do everything in my power to get you as close to your hair goals as possible!


I offer silent services upon request. Just sit back listen to music, read a book, or watch something. Anything to make you relax without the stress of conserving if that’s not natural for you.


I believe every client should have customized colors and forms designed to their features. To ensure the highest quality art on my guest I require a consultation prior to all appointments. That way I can analyze facial features and hair.  I want to design a one-of-a-kind look for you.


You deserve to be unique!

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