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I want to make you feel like art!

Creative Color

Is creative color something you’ve ever thought about doing? DO IT, even if you start slow. I truly believe high-fashion custom hair art can be one of the best investments you can make into your self-confidence!


All creative color produced at Clementine's Unordinary Salon is unique to each individual. You are one of a kind. Have hair that reflects that too!


Clementine's Unordinary Salon specializes in high intensity blonding services.

Become the bold, beautiful, blonde you've always dreamed of. 


Natalia 1 (Silver) copy.jpg

Sculptured Form

I care deeply about taking the time to analyze my guest facial features and hair types to ensure I’m producing high-end, hand-crafted cuts created specifically to accent their face beautifully.


Updos, braids, beach waves, or whatever your dream design may be, I can guarantee you’ll be happy if you come to me!

~ Or ~ 

Join me for Curl Enhancing Education. Come in for a blow-dry lesson to further your knowledge on creating a curl pattern stronger than you knew you had! 


Tayler 4.JPG

Artificial Nails and Nail Art

All creative nails produced at Clementine's Unordinary Salon is unique to each individual. 


Nails are sized during a consultation. They are then pre-painted prior to your appointment and will be adhered to your natural nails with professional glue.

Since these are painted on full nail tip extensions they can be shipped to you for self-application. They can also be reused if properly maintained. 


Keratin Treatments

Are you tired of dealing with frizzy unmanageable? Look no further!

Keratin treatments leave your hair hair sleek and straight but also extend your color.

Those with curly hair, the keratin treatment will enhance your natural curls to it full potential, giving you gorgeous, bouncy curls!

Who doesn't want to wake up with amazing hair everyday?

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